The Miracle of a Bible

Man holding a Bible

The Miracle of a Bible

It is a miracle of God that each Bible has arrived at its intended place. “F” has had special meetings with groups of transporters he works with. In each group are Christians and the others are very open to hear the gospel. “F” feels free to share the gospel every time he is with them and to pray for the work that they do. Of course, only a small part of the transporters are present here. But among themselves there is certainly also talk about the Good News.

There was a very scary moment when one of our evangelists was arrested, with 30 Bibles in his bags. He had just received these Bibles from one of the leaders and was on his way home, when he was stopped by the police. They took him to a general. He had nothing to defend himself and was terrified of the consequences. But instead of the general getting mad at him, he got mad at the policemen. “Why did you take these books from that man? I know about this, they are my responsibility!” he said and the man was released.

The Bibles stayed with the general. We don’t know him, but we are so thankful for the miracle God did in his heart!

Some believers started to cry because it was the first Bible they ever had in their hands and were allowed to keep for themselves. 

There were two reactions to receiving the Bibles that reached us: Tremendous gratitude and at the same time the request for more. Almost weekly we receive reports from this area that new house churches are formed. People come to faith and ask for more material. 

Full of excitement and through many detours, two brothers drove through the country with 1000 Bibles. 

Finally, after traveling 600 miles, they saw the place where they needed to be. Along with their wives and children, they had prayed and entrusted their lives to God.

It had gone well for 600 miles, but now further down the road the police were checking every car. 

Praying, they drove towards the control. God Himself performed a miracle! He blinded the eyes of the police, the Bibles were not seen and our brothers were able to deliver the Bibles safely. Meanwhile, many believers in this area are rejoicing with the Word of God in the hands!

From Europe and the USA we followed the messages with suspense. The believers in this area are supervised by a believer in a free country. Now for the first time they would receive a Bible.

Every Bible ended up in the right hands. Praise His holy Name!

Prayer is Vital

We ask for your prayers for the men and women who are proclaiming and distributing the Word of God in dangerous areas. Some are very lonely and even their own families do not yet know the Lord Jesus and therefore they are very alone in their ministry. Thank God that He also shows His presence there in dreams and in special experiences. Those who trust in Him are not left ashamed but lift up their souls to Him!

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