Pray for the church in Afghanistan

Five ways to pray for the church in Afghanistan

  1. Pray for safety and protection: Pray for the safety and protection of Christian leaders and pastors in Afghanistan, so that they may be kept from harm and be able to care for their flock.

  2. Boldness and courage: Pray for Christian believers in Afghanistan to have boldness and courage. The situation for Christians continues to be very difficult, but pray they may rely on the Holy spirit to be able to share their faith with a few.

  3. Pray for growth and revival: Pray for spiritual growth and revival among the Christian community in Afghanistan, that they may deepen their relationship with God and be a light to those around them.

  4. Healing and restoration: Pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for those who have suffered much harm or loss due to their faith in Afghanistan. Recent bomb attacks in the country have left many scarred for life.

  5. Please pray for the Taliban government and its leaders: May those in leadership have wisdom and compassion for all religious groups and create a safe and just society where all people can worship freely.

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