Gift 4 Deliver Digital Bibles

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Gift 4 Deliver Digital Bibles

Deliver Digital Bibles

Frontlines International is able to deliver a high volume of digital Bibles to new believers in the world’s most dangerous countries. Digital Bibles are in big demand by persecuted believers. We can provide 40 full Bibles, audio Bibles, a Jesus film and discipleship materials for only $200. Besides unmentioned countries, we distribute in the Middle East, North Africa, Persian Speaking world, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

The Word of God has the power to transform the life of any man, woman, or child. Frontlines International is well-positioned to encourage persecuted believers with God’s Word.

Frontlines International is a ministry that stands alongside those who live dangerously as they serve to bring the light of Jesus Christ to their communities.



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Frontlines International, is a ministry serving the persecuted church around the world. Our website serves as a strategic brief to capture key issues that must be considered early on.  

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