Digital Bibles Helps in Church Growth

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Digital Bibles Help in Church Growth

In a small rural village in Central Asia, 10 people gather every week in a safe place to listen to the material loaded on SD chips. They have such a desire to hear the lessons and read the Bible that they take no time to eat or drink. When they come in, each one goes separately to listen on his phone. Then the message is discussed together.

Because the church is growing so fast, there are often no well-trained pastors in the house groups. We increasingly hear of people listening to the SD chips together and praying afterwards. In this way they receive teaching together. In case of questions, we are regularly called for more explanation.

Thus the church grows not only in number but also in depth. One of our sisters in this unnamed land became very ill with Covid. Her husband did not know that she was a Christian and she was afraid to tell him. She was very ill and found solace and peace listening to the songs and Bible stories on the micro SD chip. One day she fell asleep while she was listening. When her husband came into the room, he started listening to the songs. The words touched his heart and he started to ask her about the songs. After our sister recovered, she and her husband went to a house church and her husband came to faith!

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