Frontlines International stands alongside those who live dangerously as they serve to bring the light of Jesus Christ
to their communities.

Ministry pillars


Sowing God's Word

Our road map for living is the distribution of Bibles. In the Middle East, Central Asia and the Gulf Region, the mere possession of a Bible can lead to fierce persecution and sometimes even to death. Providing believers with God’s Word gives them hope!


Deeper Walk With God

God’s Word places great worth on godly leadership in the church. The spiritual vitality and theological integrity of local churches often depends upon those in leadership. In the West, where the church enjoys freedom, opportunities for theological education, training, and pastoral encouragement are abundant. 


Help In Time
Of Need

A vital part of Frontlines International ministry arises from our awareness that religious persecution reaches into every area of the victims’ lives. Severe opposition, harassment, and outright discrimination not only bring fear of physical harm, but also prevent believers from finding and keeping employment, or obtaining education for their children. In some cases, Christians are pushed from their homes and prevented from using any governmental services.


Church Planting

Frontlines International works with qualified, indigenous pastors who have a heart for evangelism, a  love for the Word of God, and a passion for the Great Commission. We train them in evangelism, discipleship, church planting and pastoral care.