The Need

Over 360 million Christians live in areas of the world where they are persecuted because of their faith.

The Solution

Bible distribution is key. Biblical Literacy is essential. Humanitarian Aid and Relief is critical. These believers need your support to stand strong.

Our Approach

When needs for which we can provide resource are identified we seek to respond as quickly as possible. Time can be critical.

Send a Bible

God's Word brings hope

Frontlines International sows GOD'S WORD among those people and churches under persecution to provide hope and light in the darkness of their trial.

Make an Impact

Send a gift that makes a difference

Standing with the persecuted church

Our Ministry Pillars


Sowing God's Word

Our road map for living is the Bible. Providing believers with God’s Word gives them hope!



Biblical training helps strengthen the faith of new believers through discipleship training and distribution of discipleship materials in their own language.


Help in Time of Need

Severe opposition, harassment, and outright discrimination prevent believers from living life in freedom. We come alongside believers to provide help in such times.


Church Growth

Frontlines International works with qualified, indigenous pastors who have a heart for evangelism, a love for the Word of God, and a passion for the Great Commission.

Frequently asked questions

Find out more:

How many Christians around the world suffer for their faith daily?

Research from the 2023 World Watch List by Open Doors shows that over 360 million Christians suffer persecution and discrimination. Yet they continue to follow Jesus, despite the cost. Our generous partners help provide help and hope through dark times.

Which are the countries in which Christians face the most extreme persecution?

According to the 2023 World Watch List published by Open Doors, the following countries rank worst for Christians to exist: 1: North Korea 2: Somalia 3: Yemen 4: Eritrea 5: Libya 6: Nigeria 7: Pakistan 8: Iran 9: Afghanistan 10: Sudan

How do you define persecution?

The biblical definition is “pursuit.” Satan pursues those who choose to follow Jesus and his pursuit and strategies to discourage take many forms. We focus our efforts on places of the world where Satan’s pursuit is most severe: • Places where persecution is violent, leading to injury or death or pressure that believers experience simply because they follow Jesus. • Places where persecution is a denial of basic needs like clean water, food, and shelter because of faith in Jesus or rejection from family and other loved ones. • Places where persecution occurs at the direction of governmental authorities, or radical religious idealogues, or any other group threatened by those who follow Jesus. Frontlines defines acts of persecution as used in the New Testament.

How does Frontlines International help persecuted Christians?

Frontlines responds as follows: Bible distribution is key. In areas of Christian repression Bibles are scarce. Providing believers with God’s Word gives them hope! Frontlines is committed to providing Bibles to believers where Bibles are forbidden and vey scarce. Biblical Literacy is essential. The spiritual vitality and theological integrity of local churches depends upon those in leadership. Where persecution occurs opportunities for theological education, training, and pastoral encouragement are few. Multi-year pastoral education and seminars designed to improve specific leadership skills is needed. In addition, the church community needs discipleship training in their own language. Humanitarian Aid and Relief is critical when they are without food and basic medicines. If these believers are to survive and remain a presence for Christ in communities that are hostile to them, they need our help. Advocacy on country level, where requested and needed, is a blessing to assist persecuted Christians. Sharing lessons learnt from the Persecuted Church is a gift to prepare the Body of Christ for discrimination and intolerance.

Serving and Growing Together



My name is Dave. I am a pastor in California. I have a calling to serve the persecuted church, especially by providing them Bibles. I was overjoyed to discover Frontlines International. The staff is professional, communicates promptly , and is easy to work with. Their 4 ministry pillars are right in line with my heart and priorities. The staff I worked with are just as passionate about God’s Word as I am. I was so pleased to be able to give Bibles to the most needy people through them. I have built relationships with some of the staff that I trust will last a lifetime.
I am so glad to find Frontlines International. If you want to serve the persecuted church, these are your people.

Dave Gordon

Pastor, Trinity Baptist Indio, CA


“I often watch events unfold globally and have the overwhelming feeling that there is nothing our church can do to make a difference. Then a good friend of mine connected me to an organization called Frontlines International, and with their help, our church no longer had that feeling of helplessness. Frontlines opened the avenue for us to serve the persecuted church worldwide when we didn’t know how.”

Brad Hill

Family discipleship & Missions Pastor Mars Hill Church Mobile, AL


“Few acts of discipleship mature a follower of Christ quicker or more deeply than nurturing a love for our persecuted brethren. It demands an outward focus, a decrease of self, a love for God’s Word and a “this is war” mentality in a believer.
As a Director of Missions and Pastor, I absolutely recommend forming and building a relationship with Front lines International to help pastors and lay leaders grow in their personal walk with Christ, and deepening the understanding of their call to carry out His Great Commission.”

Lee Tate

Associational Mission Strategist for West Central Baptist Association

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Frontlines International is a ministry that stands alongside those who live dangerously as they serve to bring the light of Jesus Christ to their communities.


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